Dr John Strasser Discusses Mayoral Platform
Join Dr John Strasser as he discusses his election platform in the upcoming Mayoral Debate at Membertou Trade & Convention Center 6 PM, Sep 24, 2020!

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Also, Join Dr John Strasser in person at the upcoming Mayoral Debate at Membertou Trade & Convention Center 6 PM, Sep 24, 2020 as he discusses his election platform!

What are some of the hot topics that are bothering you as a resident of CBRM?

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Dr John Strasser's Discusses Mayoral Platform

The creation of a platform has achieved some status in recent years in all political circles from Mayor of the Municipality of Cape Breton to President of the United States.

The following are four major areas of concern that must be addressed in the CBRM - progress in each will help the citizens of the CBRM to prosper and to move the municipality in a positive direction towards a better future.

1. JOBS - The creation of new jobs is critical for long term survival and growth - ultimately this means that the leadership must be energized to create new industries. The island now been ranked #1 by tourism specialists. Lets use the designation to expand our tourism choices - from good music and good food to a variety of sports offerings (Celtic Colours and Allan Andrews hockey school in Summerside PEI are great examples)
2. HEALTH CARE - Never before has the island been in a situation that it cannot attract new doctors. Fully equipped clinics strategically placed around the CBRM would do much to allow new doctors to practice, to acquire new skills while building a practice and at the same time develop an appreciation of the many attributes of Cape Breton Island.
3. INFRASTRUCTURE - Our roads (now excluding George St and the main street in Sydney mines - it is election time) are in despicable shape. This condition has verbalized to me as our biggest single deficit in the CBRM. As an add-on, the sewer and water lines should all be brought up to 2020 standards.
4. RESPECT - As survival becomes a key focal point, for the municipality our respect for ourselves and our respect others is sliding. Folks such as Russ Green, Father Al Maroun, and JR MacDonald are working hard on the Equalization Fund and it's time we gave them our full support and make the equalization fund an actionable item that must be resolved in the 4 year term of the new mayor.

If elected mayor I would utilize a wider group input from non-elected officials who live in our rich, diverse community to make the CBRM succeed. We need to solidify our rightful place in both the provincial and federal landscape.

Let's complete this puzzle together!

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Dr Strasser's Platform Press Release on GoCapeBreton.com: https://capebreton.lokol.me/vote-for-dr-john-strasser-for-mayor-of-cbrm

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