Local Accolades
Dr John A Strasser has earned numerous awards in Cape Breton and abroad over the years including his time as President of Sydney Steel and founding board member of ACOA and New Dawn Enterprises.

Dr John Strasser has earned a numerous life long accolades in Cape Breton over the years including:

1. President Sydney Steel

2. Founding member of the Board of Directors of New Dawn Enterprises, a community development agency on Cape Breton Island

3. Founding member of the Board of the Atlantic Coal Institute

4. Federally appointed member of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

5. Inducted as one of the first four members, into the Wall of Honour at Sydney Academy High School.

6. In 2007, Dr. Strasser was profiled in a book entitled “The House that Sexton Built”, which focuses on the history of engineering education in Nova Scotia.

7. Dr. Strasser has authored two books on the subject of hockey: “Leopards and Lions” (A Parent’s guide to Hockey from Novice to the NHL”), in 1998; and “This is Academy Hockey”, the historical account of Sydney Academy hockey on the occasion of the 150th Year Anniversary of Sydney Academy in 1991.

Community Volunteer

Dr. Strasser has contributed to many community leisure activities by volunteering his time and energies as a fundraiser, statistician and coach in football, baseball, soccer and hockey.


Engineering diploma from St. Francis Xavier University, an Associate Degree in Business Management from LaSalle University, a Master of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Doctorate degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the Technical University of Nova Scotia.

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